Welcome to my artist profile page.

My love for music began in 1980, when my parents first realized I had an ear for music. I grew up in Northern California, where I first learned to play the organ and clarinet. My passion quickly evolved and I purchased my first keyboard and began writing music when I was 13.

I began spinning records at local clubs in 1984. To feed my vinyl addiction, I made frequent trips to San Francisco to purchase new wave hits by Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, The Cure, and other 80's sensations.

My admiration for the scene encouraged me to move to San Francisco. I studied at San Francisco State University, and accepted my first club residency at the Palladium.

In 1991, recording artist B. McCarthy, a.k.a. Aquatherium introduced me to recording, and we worked on several projects using Cakewalk, a Commodore 64, a Juno 106, and an Akai sampler.

In 1992, I befriended musician Moby and he invited me to join him on tour. I gladly accepted and enjoyed my first touring experience. Upon my return, I found Trancefusion Music with Eric DeSouza, aka DJ Jazz-e. We recorded a few projects and played throughout the U.S. and Canada as Trancefusion.

Since the birth of Trancefusion, I recorded an original artist album called The Tribal Realm; produced a variety of progressive trance, tribal, and break beat dance singles, remixes; and released several compilation mixes, including the Acid Factor Series.

Sixteen years of recording, performing live, and spinning blessed me with the opportunity to share my music and the creation of other artists with dance music enthusiasts worldwide. It's 2014, and I continue to record and gig, and enjoy every moment of it!

Maybe you have a similar story? Please feel free to share it with me, ask me any questions or send me your comments.

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